It all began in 1993.
Four simple, but fools, music fans, I (francesco), Max, Peppe and Mario, we organized small parties with friends, after some time we noticed to be become the chosen ones from friends and relatives to organize festivities of any kind!!

The only difference was that they entertained (and us more than them), but at the end of the evening, morning ... we ever we all like ' Bedouins '! Driven by our passion:
The Music!

The only consolation was that of having entertained so many people and, today, to have got the better of some of our colleagues who, way back in 1994, it said, '' But you are crazy to work with CDs ''?

But how much it costs you?? ''

Well after a few years, our dear colleagues, you are also equipped them with the number of CD players/manipulators Pioneer CDJ series ... =)

Although, with regard to this, I challenge anyone to prove that they have only one player '' CDJ 500 ''!! The number of readers 500 CDJ Pioneer was presented in world premiere in 1993, and we were among the very few in Italy to buy a pair of these readers. Still in our possession!

Of course today couldn't make us miss the new CDJ series!

Ours was just a passion, but over time has turned into a real job and own and today we can provide and develop from time to time, each type of service on the organisation of animation, music, lights and special effects, for any type of party or event of small, medium and large sizes.

Francesco Motta


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